Press release: “Artists’ Recipes – The Original”

“Artists’ Recipes” – an art cooking project with recipes and images by more than 80 international artists is going to auctioned for a good cause.

Basel, November 10th 2015 – Swiss artist duo Admir Jahic and Comelius Roethlisberger takes the next step in their unique book project. The artists’ originals will now be bound into a one-off book which will be put up for bidding in a charity auction November 20th at von Bartha Gallery Basel. The book has over 80 contemporary artists – including Marina Abramovic and Olafur Eliasson – revealing their favourite recipes. Along with the recipes, the book contains drawings, collages and photographs by the participating artists.

It was their love and passion for cooking, for art and other artists which inspired artist duo Jahic / Roethlisberger to release “Artists’ Recipes” last summer during Art Basel 46. “We’re proud that we managed to get such renowned artists involved. This book is a collection of recipes but at the same time it shows a personal, perhaps less familiar side to the artists,” says Comenius Roeth- lisberger. Those artists include Marina Abramovic, Erwin Wurm, Fiona Banner, Olafur Eliasson, Ryan Gander, Hermann Nitsch, Anish Kapoor and many more. Over 352 pages, their contributions appear along- side drawings, col- lages and photographs. Lovers of culinary and visual arts alike are well catered for: along with an aphrodisiacal offering from Marina Abramovic, for example, Tobias Rehberger reveals his favourite dish, “Leipziger Allerlei”. Each recipe is unique and captures something of the artist’s personality.

The publication was presented by Jahic/Roethlisberger at Rirkrit Tiravanija’s installation „Do we dream un- der the same sky“ at Art Basel 46. “Artists’ Recipes” was also presented at the art book fair “I Never Read – Art Book Fair Basel”.The artists’ originals will be bound into a one-off book which will be put up for bidding in a charity auction on November 20th at von Bartha Gallery Basel. All the proceeds from the auction will ben- efit a charity organisation called Viva con Agua Schweiz which is campaigning for clean drinking water worldwide.

“Artists’ Recipes” is available online and and at museumsshops like Fondation Beyeler, Schaulager and Kunsthalle Basel.


OLAFUR ELIASSON: "Cooking, like art, is both reactive and creative - it is about being in flux, navigating and trusting our senses and then connecting and transforming."

RYAN GANDER: “Liam Gillick once said 'in contemporary art nothing exists in isolation’.... i like that idea, a world where the position of authorship, ownership and the worth of the idea is always shifting. It’s the accu- mulation of things through a creative life that holds the true means of production the food we make, the drink we invent, the clothes we wear, the songs we sing, hierarchies and job titles aren't important here, only whether it’s interesting or not... A toast: to the most creative life we’ve ever lived, and to living beyond our means. cheers."

Auction «Artists’Recipes – The Original», 20 November 2015, 19h, Galerie Von Bartha, Kannenfeldplatz 6, CH-4056 Basel